THIRTY PLUS Code of Conduct

By signing up to be a member of THIRTY PLUS, you agree to abide by the following code of conduct. In being part of the network, you will also benefit from the stipulations we have placed upon ourself to ensure it’s a positive and beneficial collective for which you are proud to admit your membership.

1. To operate ethically and transparently, adhering to relevant guidelines from the ASA and relevant bodies.
2. To refuse to participate in any negativity or bullying online, or within any online forums.
3. To participate in THIRTY PLUS activities (including Twitter Chats, events, networking opportunities and forum conversations) wherever possible.
4. To support other bloggers and provide advice when it may be needed.
5. To champion other members of the collective, sharing content and starting conversations where possible.

In turn, THIRTY PLUS agrees to:

1. Champion our members, both internally and externally, as much as possible.
2. Organise virtual and ‘real life’ events and networking opportunities.
3. Host regular Twitter Chats and encourage conversation across the community.
4. Bring our members news and opportunities from relevant brands and partners.
5. Grow the skill set of those in the network, via dedicated content and workshops.

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