Breaking the Taboo: Can You Be A Feminist AND Love Fillers?

Never before has women’s external image been so important or so hotly debated. Our faces are an outward projection of who we are, and they’re now shared more widely than ever due to the increase in social media and wide reaching range of blogs/vlogs. As science and technology develops, we now have more tools at our disposal than ever before to help us look our best – but where is the line between celebrating and embracing your age, and trying to be something else entirely? Can you really be a feminist and love fillers? Should it matter at all if women choose to embrace aesthetic enhancements as a way to feel more confident?

With innovations in aesthetics and the broader beauty sector, women are able to create a natural look that is right for them. This is no longer something to aspire to or wish for – it’s increasingly accessible and acceptable. In the years to come will women come to demand access to non invasive procedures in the same way they currently demand a great haircut or semi-permanent eyebrows? We want your opinions on just that during our forthcoming Twitter Chat.

Allergan (the makers of Botox and JUVÉDERM® facial fillers) recently commissioned research among over 1,500 women to reveal attitudes towards the quest for beauty and youth.

•    88% of women agree you should be free to express your beauty any way you choose
•    Only 13% of women think you should strive to look youthful at all costs
•    25% of women say they’ve had or would consider facial injectables – and of those women, 38% say they have/would keep it a secret
•    45% of women believed you could be a feminist AND love fillers

These very issues and more were discussed at a recent event hosted by Cosmetic Executive Women and Allergan, where the panel participated in a fascinating discussion around the perception of ageing and the changing attitudes to aesthetic procedures. Some key comments included:

“It’s ok to have whatever you want done, it doesn’t matter what people think of you, it’s what you think of yourself. If you look nice and feel good that’s what’s great.”

“The biggest betrayal of the sisterhood is secrecy i.e. not telling each other when you have had treatment and therefore allowing other woman to think you look that way naturally.”

“What I find profoundly uncomfortable is attacking a woman who decides to have treatment, on the grounds that it is anti-feminist. Surely, a definition of feminism includes feeling empowered to age the way you want too, without criticism or judgment.”

“Lying about your treatment is the modern equivalent of lying about your age!”

Here at Thirty Plus we want to continue that debate and get your insight into the issues that surround not only aesthetic procedures, but ageing and beauty as a whole. We’ve teamed up with Allergan and five of our bloggers to bring you an open discussion to break down barriers and chat about the burning question: can you really be a feminist and love fillers?

Discover what our bloggers think in their pre-chat blog posts here:

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We’ll also be joined by Dr David Eccleston, who has over 18 years experience in the use of aesthetic procedures. He’s currently a medical adviser for the UK’s largest aesthetic information website ( and sits on advisory panels for a number of leading companies involved in producing products and treatments for the aesthetic market. In 2016 Davidwon ‘Proactive Doctor of the Year’ at the Safety in Beauty Awards, which commends “special candidates who have displayed extraordinary dedication to raising awareness and standards in the beauty, health, aesthetics field.”

Want to find out more about the research, the panel discussion or aesthetic treatments in general? Get in touch with the team behind it by dropping them an email:

Join us at 8pm on Thursday 9th March 2017
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Interested in finding out more about Juvederm aesthetic treatments in general, you can discover your local reputable practitioner and clinic here:

This activity was organized and funded by Allergan.

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