We Asked & You Answered: Can You Be A Feminist & Love Fillers?

Image is something that is constantly debated: in person, amongst friends and across social media platforms. In a selfie-centred, social media-loving era, is there a direct result in a growth in the desire and need to look ‘perfect’? Can you be a feminist in 2017 and still love fillers? Last week we had our #30PlusDebate, in association with Allergan, to find out what you all thought.

We know a few of you couldn’t make it to the debate on the night, so here’s a brief recap of all the questions that were involved in the debate and a few of the answers that were given.

Q1. What have been your main beauty concerns been as you’ve gotten older?

  1. Dry skin & my face looking far more tired than I actually feel
  2. So many of our clients are mums so tiredness/dark circles/new fine lines are common complaints.
  3. My skin dulling, lines and it feeling less plump.
  4. Keeping my skin looking healthy has been my main concern
  5. Fine lines, tired skin, discoloration and firmness

Q2. 25% of women from Allergan’s research said they’ve had/would consider facial injectables; would you?

  1. If I got really self-conscious, yes! But the results would have to be super natural & not ‘fake looking’
  2. The way I feel today, no I wouldn’t personally, but who knows in 10 years (I’m 44) It’s about how YOU feel
  3. At this stage no because I’m worried it would look too obvious and artificial
  4. I don’t particularly like injections but never say never!!
  5. Not at the moment. Not going to say that won’t change in future.

Q3. Is it shocking Allergan found 38% of women who’d consider cosmetic injectables would keep it secret?

  1. I’m shocked that so many would keep it a secret
  2. Each to their own! I’m open book & would happily share – skincare can only do so much
  3. It’s down to personal preference – women are judged regardless of what they do!
  4. No! There’s such a stigma attached and judgement; I can certainly see why they wouldn’t want to share
  5. Interestingly I know women far younger than me who are very honest about these procedures too!

Q4. Why are we obsessed with looking youthful? Do you believe women should strive for this at all costs?

  1. We’re obsessed with looking younger because every industry tells us that’s the best way to be.
  2. No not at all. It’s about being confident & feeling comfortable in your skin – whether it’s wrinkled or full of botox!
  3. It’s about how we feel & being the best you, you can be. Why be ashamed to have a little help?
  4. Pressure from social media plays a big part – especially when u see celebs your age looking fab!
  5. Social media has a lot to answer for … but you should do whatever makes YOU feel beautiful.

Q5. 47% of women said they felt they’d be judged for being vain if they had injectables. Is this far?

  1. No, I strongly think there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good. It isn’t fair no. Who are we to judge? It’s down to personal choice
  2. Certainly not. Damned if we do, damned if we don’t. So just go ahead and do exactly what YOU want to do
  3. Women get constantly judged no matter what they do so if you want to get them go ahead!
  4. You get judged on most things these days. The thing about being 46 is you don’t care anymore!
  5. Tbh the older I get the less I care what people think of me

Q6. “Lying about your treatment is the modern equivalent of lying about your age!” Do you agree?

  1. I think if you choose to speak about it that’s great! If you don’t want to then that’s cool. Each to their own
  2. No… You should do what you want… Tell or don’t tell… It’s really nobody else’s business.
  3. It’s your life, choose how you live it. I’d own it & share the experience with friends
  4. It’s about having confidence to have the treatment and be open about it.
  5. It depends who asks. Friends, definitely. Colleagues, mums at school, probably not!

Q7. 45% of women from the research say you can be a feminist AND love fillers. How do you feel about this?

  1. I can’t believe it’s only 45% – feminism for me is about choice and freedom
  2. But to me feminism is about choices… and not being judgemental about other w/m. It’s different for everyone.
  3. Being a feminist means having the choice to be who I am without apology
  4. Being a feminist means accepting everyone’s choice and respecting it, you can do both
  5. I’m surprised the % is that low.
  6. You can be whatever you want! Be feminist and love fillers too.

Q8. Has increasing social media led to us be more image conscious? Is selfie culture breeding insecurity?

  1. Yes it has! I do not envy Gen Z in this respect.
  2. I definitely think social media has made us more image conscious. It definitely has ME anyway!
  3. Yes most definitely … filters, apps that alter your face etc. Creating the perfect version is the norm
  4. Oh 100%. It’s all about that perfect face. Lip fillers have become a HUGE thing right now
  5. Yes! Filters & perfection are widespread. How you use Social Media has an impact

Q9. Do you think in the future will women undertake aesthetic procedures the same way they have a haircut?

  1. My worry is that there will be tonnes of unregulated places to get treatments; like with dodge nail salons!
  2. Yes, and hopefully without the stigma.
  3. Yes, it’s something that I think’s starting to happen already
  4. I think it’s already starting to happen with lunchtime procedures available! Why not
  5. yes there will come a time where it will just be accepted as the normal thing to do… with no judgement

Q10. Finally: can you be a feminist AND love fillers?

  1. Yes of course! Be free and confident to make your own choices, for YOU!
  2. Who hands out the ‘feminist’ badges anyway?
  3. Yes totally. I’m a feminist and I do 🙂
  4. Definitely can be a #feminist and love fillers. Who really can stop you!
  5. Yes I truly believe that you can the two are not mutually exclusive
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