Join Us To Celebrate Your Generations Of Women That Have Helped Refine Your Beauty Regime


We always look to other generations to be inspired when discussing skincare and beauty; whether that’s asking your mum for her best serum and skincare advice, speaking with your Nan about her classic techniques that never go out of style or calling up your little sister for some tips on creating the ultimate smokey eye. We all have different levels of understanding and interest, so it’s always a great idea to embrace what different generations have offer.

No7 is the one thing that brings these generations together. It’s the one brand whose serums and skincare range can meet the needs of women no matter their age, and they can continue to turn to, from generation to generation – it’s No7 that unites us all and enables ‘generations’ inner beauty to shine through.

No7 inspires and empowers women (mothers, grandmothers, sisters) to ‘show up’ READY to take on their world, whether it be READY to pick up the kids or run a work meeting. It’s about being READY to get out there and make an impact, helping them unlock their inner potential in beauty and beyond. Nothing makes women feel more in control of how they show up than having the best possible skin for their age. And so we want to start a broader conversation with women that looks how No7 helps and enables them to show up in their world, with the best skin for them – whatever their age.

We want to hear your stories (celebrating those top skincare tips you’ve been taught, your first ever skincare regime or traditions that have been passed down, as well as what ensures you’re READY to face the day) during our Twitter Chat on Thursday 13 April – where we’ll also be giving TEN members of the collective a very special goodie bag filled with No7 skincare treats.

So come and join us to celebrate your own generations and share your stories, while getting some bespoke skincare advice from No7’s skincare expert.

Date: Thursday 13th April
Time: 8-9pm GMT
Social Media Info: @WeAreThirtyPlus #Generation30Plus #No7Ready
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More Info On The NEW No7 Restore & Renew FACE & NECK MULTI ACTION Serum:

10 years ago a BBC documentary reported that a No7 Serum was independently proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Since that time, No7 have been continuously working to understand the process by which skin ages. No7 Restore & Renew FACE & NECK MULTI ACTION Serum is the latest innovation from this journey and has been specially developed for the needs of mature skin. It is the first multi-action serum delivering clinically proven anti-ageing results for both the face and neck.

All No7 serums are specifically designed to intensively target specific age concerns, giving women tailored skincare solutions that really work for them. They contain the highest concentration of active ingredients in a super-fast absorbing formulation so they can penetrate the skin.

Each of the No7 serums work via ‘building block’ technology: No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Serum has technology to address fine lines & wrinkles; No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum addresses fine lines and wrinkles PLUS firmness and pigmentation; No7 Restore & Renew FACE & NECK MULTI ACTION Serum targets wrinkles, firmness, pigmentation in the face PLUS neck (with added ingredients that specifically target mature skin.)

As a result, the No7 serums provide skincare solutions for every generation – and a formula that can be relied on for the generations to come.

Find out more on the Boots website here.

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  1. I so love number 7 skin care I got some for Christmas so can see the change in my skin would love to win

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