The Thirty Plus Collective

Hayley Carr, Founder With previous experience in the cosmetics industry, Hayley is an award-winning blogger and the founder of THIRTY PLUS. Since starting London Beauty Queen in 2010, to offer an insider’s perspective into beauty, Hayley has been featured in an array of publications. Her topics stem from beauty, health and fashion to books, travel and on-trend topics of interest.
Jane Cunningham Jane has worked in the beauty industry for 15 years and uses her blog as a place to channel all her expertise and write about products and experiences in ways that other places wouldn’t. In addition to her own blog, Jane has written four beauty books and is a writer for both online and mainstream media.
Alex Alex has been fascinated and enthusiastic about all things beauty-related from a young age. Although she is most passionate about skincare Alex also enjoys using and writing about makeup and the “Cinderella affect” it can have. Her blog is full of reviews, trends, interviews with experts and her favourite products.
Lex Gillies Lex started blogging in 2011 as a way to stay sane after being made redundant. After starting her blog, primarily focusing on nail art and nail care, Lex now incorporates other areas such as skincare for sensitive and atypical skin.
Nikki Taylor Before becoming an independent beauty expert, Nikki worked in the corporate beauty industry, and some the of the largest luxury brands in fragrance, skincare, haircare and makeup for over 25 years.
Louise Matthews After entering the blogging world in 2014, Louise is passionate about finding the right work-life balance and quickly built up a name for The What Now Blog as a place to share her own insight whilst. She shares her passions, highs and lows in the form of arts and culture, travel and lifestyle.
Hannah Hannah is Australian-born and after moving to the UK she established Lippy in London in 2011. Hannah’s Beauty blog also includes some fashion and lifestyle, but she also shares her knowledge and experiences.
Vicki Lifestyle Maven is the brain-child of Vicki and lifestyle blog “for your fabulous 40s and beyond”. Vicki loves beauty products and food is one of her greatest pleasures, but you will also her own life experiences in the form of her wisdom category.
Aarti Jonas Aarti is a London-based blogger and a lover of beauty products. Her blog, Mrs. Jonas Recommends is where she shares her thoughts, frequent purchases and general recommendations.
Katy Ratican Freelance copywriter and blogger Katy aims to project as many good vibes as she possible can whilst also sharing her thoughts in the form of reviews.
Becky Becky is a Cotswold-based blogger who loves natural beauty and candles. The Lifestyle Blogger UK is full of Becky’s journey through life along with reviews, hacks, recipes and other tips.
Anna Koutras Anna is a travel-obsessed professional writer, and the blogger behind Fluttering Lashes. Anna shares product reviews, food, makeup tips, fashion favourites and travel adventures on her blog.
Leigh and Nicola Sisters Leigh and Nicola are the faces and fingers behind Fashion Du Jour LDN. From fashion and food to fitness and skincare, Leigh and Nicola’s ethos is: To bring “aspirationally attainable” style, beauty and lifestyle to all.
Majean Majean is currently based in London and always dreaming oft traveling. Majean’s blog is about living your “best life” and contains fashion ideas, health tips, and travel inspiration.
Kate Established in 2014, Kate’s blog consists of things she is passionate about – fashion and beauty, but she also does the occasional lifestyle post.
Naomi Naomi is a wife, mother and teacher who uses her blog as a way t record her own experiences and shed some light for other in similar situations. Naomi blogs about parenting, food, family, interiors and faith.