The Thirty Plus Collective

Angela After growing up in Brunei a, Angela moved to London in 2001 with the feeling that London is like a “whole world in a little bubble”. She loves cats, cooking and baking but you can also find some of her travels around the world as well as some adventures around London.
Sophie Established in 2010, Sophie’s Suitcase is an award-winning luxury travel and lifestyle blog documenting photos, reviews and tips about travelling around your 9-5 job. Sophie’s blog has grown considerably since its launch but she always wants to show her audience how it’s possible to see the world with only 26 days’ annual leave.
Kate Despite living in the city of Edinburgh, Kate is a country girl at heart who loves travelling to the remote corners of Scotland. For anyone who loves outdoor adventures, or just wants to know what they can do, eat and drink around Scotland, Kate’s blog is the place to go.
Rachel Rachel was previously living in the UK, has recently made the massive step to move to Australia to start a whole new adventure in her spiritual home - Sydney. Her blog, A Nesting Nomad, was start mainly features travel and (gluten free) food and you can find everything from destination guides to travel advice and recipes.
Susie Based just outside of Manchester Susie has been blogging since 2010 and has made it her full-time job. Her blog is focused on a more down to earth approach to interior design and home style mixed with travel for good measure.
Katie Ever thought about leaving your job and going travelling? That’s what Katie did. After visiting 20 countries in 13 months she returned to Camden. Katie’s blog focuses on everything from travelling, both in the UK and outside it, to food, events and gin.
Emma & Keri Keri and Emma created their blog for people who work full-time, so have limited days off, but still love exploring, adventures and food. Their blog covers a range of topics including, staycations, day trips, restaurant reviews, and mini breaks.
Neelie Starting out as a platform to document the transition from “bored banker” to “inspired freelancer” Neelie’s Next Bite has developed into a place to blog that also serves as a portfolio. Neelie talks all things travel, lifestyle, London (her current home) and Paris (her former home) but is also happy to review hotels and restaurants.
Natasha Addicted to reading about traveling and experiencing different cultures, to Natasha, travelling is all about self-discovery and life experiences. Although she has a 9-5 Natasha travels when she can and shares her experiences in the hopes to inspire others to feel the same wanderlust that she does.
Sarah Self-declared “food obsessed cake lady from the UK” Sarah founded A Feeder Travels in 2014. Since then Sarah has taken her blog from being a space to record the highs and lows of starting afresh abroad to a place to document her travel stories, tips, lessons learned and people she’s met along the way.
Asma Asma has always aspired to be a jet setter and after dabbling in and out of the bloggersphere she finally set up her blog Jet Set Chick. Although she works the typical 9-5 when she does travel her blog is where she documents her journey, both through life and through different locations.
Rosemary & Pork Belly Rosemary and Pork Belly have been travelling, eating and drinking for over 30 years whilst writing, broadcasting and photographing for various publications at the same time. It’s fair to say with 30+ years of experience travelling, you’re in safe hands with this pair.